Baby Sitting 101

Both Mikayla and I babysit, so I thought we would share our tips with you….

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Arrive early to go over expectations
  3. if you have questions, ASK
  4. Have numbers in case of emergency
  5. Keep phone use to a minimum
  6. Be aware of allergies
  7. Bring crafts/ projects to do
  8. Instead of watching tv play a game
  9. Go outside as much as possible
  10. Go to park if nearby and alright with Parents
  11. Have patience
  12. Follow instructions given
  13. Bring something to do while kids are sleeping
  14. Try and have set charge rate
  15. Have calendar of when you are Babysitting
  16. Handle disciplinary actions in a reasonable manner
  17. Babysit only how many kids you are comfortable with same for ages
  18. Do not be afraid to tell the kids no, be stern… not mean
  19. Make sure kids clean up, turn it into a game
  20. Be honest when telling parents how it went
  21. Stay focused
  22. Be a role model

I hope you found our tips useful! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂